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About Me


My Story

Hello! My name is Courtney - a fitness class obsessed Vancouverite. 

My obsession with fitness classes began over a decade ago when I went to my first hot yoga class. The music, the energy, and the cold lemongrass towel at the end of the class created an experience I had never had before, and I was instantly hooked.

From that point on, I became somewhat "addicted" to group fitness classes, an addiction that has only grown from year to year. I created Booty Burn as a way to share my passion for "fun" fitness and bring together a community of amazing people looking to sweat with a smile (a corny line I know - but honestly so true!). 

The Booty Burn Vision

What began on the rooftop of my old apartment building, developed in the basement of a party house on the North Shore, and established itself on the beaches of Kitsilano is what I am very proud to call Booty Burn - a HIIT inspired fitness class designed to move to the beat of the music.

Members from various walks of life have come together on Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings to form an inspiring community that pushes each other to sign up, show up, and pump it up. I love what has transformed from this passion project and know that you will too! 

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